Production Designer

Ludovica Ferrario




May 2002 University Degree in Architecture (University of Rome Roma Tre) in Architectural Planning and Design with Prof. Francesco Cellini.

Grade: 110 /110

Thesis: “Redevelopment / conversion of Bay of Lakki (Leros, Greek Dodecanese Island) Italian colony between1915-1943. 

Historical study, urban planning and architectural design within the context of Italian Rationalism”.



2020 “NAUFRAGI” directed by Stefano Chiantini, Production Designer (World Video Production)

2019 “DIVE WITH WORDS – PAROLA AL TUFFO” Artist Residence MACRO Museum Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy

2018 / 2019 “THE NEW POPE”directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Production Designer (HBO SKY Wildside)

Silver Ribbon Award Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalist as best  Italian Series 2020


2018 “VOLEVO NASCONDERMI” directed by Giorgio Diritti, Production Designer (Palomar)

Silver Ribbon Collective Award  2020 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalist

2017 “TRUST” FX project by Danny Boyle

Production Designer for Episodes directed by Dawn Shattforth, Susanna White, Jonathan Van Tulleken and Emanuele Crialese (Ep.4 -5-8-9-10).

2017 “APP FAI DA TE” promo Sky directed by Giuseppe di Marco, Production Designer

2016 “MER DE SABLE” teaser directed by Michele Malea, Production Designer

2015 / 2016 “THE YOUNG POPE” directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Production Designer (HBO SKY- Wildside)

Nomination PrimeTime EMMY AWARDS Best Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary or Fantasy Program 2017

2017 Silver Ribbon Collective Award Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalist


2014 Commercial “TELETHON” directed by Mauro Mancini, Production Designer

2014 “YOUTH” directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Production Designer (Indigo Film srl) 

Nomination, Best Production Designer for the Silver Ribbon Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalist

Nomination, Best Production Designer for the David Donatello Awards

CIAK Award for Women 2016 as Best Production Designer 

2013 Commercial “I HAVE DREAMS” directed by Ivan Cotroneo, Production Designer (Indigo Film srl)

2013 “NATALE MAMMA IMPERFETTA” directed by Ivan Cotroneo, Production Designer (Indigo Film srl, RAI Fiction)

2013 Two commercials for “ROCELL” directed by Luca Lucini, Production Designer (Apapaya production and Limina)

2012 / 2013 “DIARIO MAMMA IMPERFETTA” website series directed by Ivan Cotroneo, Production Designer (Indigo Film srl)

2012 “LA GRANDE BELLEZZA” directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Art Director (Indigo Film srl)

2011 “LA CITTA’ IDEALE” directed by Luigi Lo Cascio, Production Designer (BIBI Film Tv Srl)

2011 “IL ROSSO e IL BLU” directed by Giuseppe Piccioni, Production Designer (Bianca Film Tv Srl)

2011 “ISOLE”  directed by Stefano Chiantini, Production Designer (Obraz Film Srl)

2009 / 2010 “IL SEGRETO dell’ ACQUA” directed by Renato De Maria, Production  Designer TV  RAI Series  in 6 Ep. (Magnolia Fiction)

2009 “COPIA CONFORME” directed by Abbas Kiarostami, Production Designer with Giancarlo Basili (MK2 e BiBi Film Tv Srl)

2009 “LA NOSTRA VITA” directed by Daniele Luchetti, 1° Assistant to production designer Giancarlo Basili (Cattleya srl )  

2008 “L’UOMO CHE VERRA’” directed by Giorgio Diritti, Art Director (Arancia Film)

2008 “UNA QUESTIONE DI CUORE”directed by Francesca Archibugi,1° Assistant to production designer Alessandro Vannucci (Cattleya srl) 


2007 “THE PALERMO SHOOTING” directed by Wim Wenders, Art Director Italy (Achab Film e Wim Wender Images)

2006  / 2007 “SANGUE PAZZO” directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, Art Director (Bi.Bi Film Tv srl)

2006 “LASCIA PERDERE JOHNNY” directed by Fabrizio Bentivoglio, 1°assistant to production designer Giancarlo Basili (Fandango)


2005 “IL CAIMANO” directed by Nanni Moretti, 1° assistant to production designer  Giancarlo Basili (Sacher Film)

2005 “GEMELLINE” short movie  directed by Filippo D’Antoni, Production Designer (A.s.p)

2004 “QUANDO SEI NATO NON PUOI PIU’ NASCONDERTI” directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, 1°assistant to production designer (Cattleya)

2004 “L’AMORE RITROVATO” directed by Carlo Mazzacurati, assistant to set dresser (Bianca Film)


2003 “ARIE” directed by Gianluca Vallero, short movie, Production Designer

2003 “LE CHIAVI DI CASA” directed by Gianni Amelio, assistant to prod.designer Giancarlo Basili (Achab Film e Rai Cinema)

2002 / 2003 NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY (King’s College, London) Intensive Corse in Scriptwriting, Directing and Cinematography and Editing

Production of three short movies b/w shot with Arriflex 16S.


2002 “DILLO CON PAROLE MIE” directed by Daniele Luchetti,assistant to production designer Giancarlo Basili (StudioCanal Urania)


2001 “LUCE DEI MIEI OCCHI” directed by Giuseppe Piccioni, assistant to production designer Giancarlo Basili (Bianca film)


1999 “TITUS ANDRONICUS” directed by Julie Taymor, assistant in art department production Design by Dante Ferretti (Studio Canal Urania)

1998 “UN TE’ CON MUSSOLINI” directed by Franco Zeffirelli, assistant to set dresser Fiorella Mariani (Cattleya-Cineritmo)


Italian mother tongue, fluent in written and spoken English, basic knowledge of French and Spanish